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Welcome to the home on the web for Ibidis Mortem Productions

Ibidis Mortem Productions is a production company with a varied arsenal of
entertainment and performance related products.

We are the production company behind:

The Bilge Pumps
A costumed, pirate music & comedy group guaranteed to cause sea sickness.
Hand-crafted aluminum steel drum mallets for pans of all types.

The Stilt Lady
If you need characters on the ground or 6 feet in the air, Terrie Lutke has one in store.

CALi Cruisers
Unique, hand-made, hardwood, 60's style skateboard cruiser decks.

The Dragon Attack Stunt Show
Whether your tastes run to the medieval or the old west, from sword fights to gunfights, we've got a stunt show for you.

The End of Destiny
Hero's Return, the first book of an on-line fantasy series in progress.

Wild Western Days
A Texas festival where the old west was reborn.
We are also the behind the online presence for:

The Pride O' Bedlam
We designed, host, and maintain the website for this Houston-based pirate band.

Smee & Blogg
We designed, host, and maintain the online home for the Singing Executioners.

Diane the Bard
We host and maintain the online home for this terrific troubadour.

Dossey's Diversions
We designed & host the on-line home for this great D/FW entertainment company.

Cheeks & Phoenix
We designed & host the website for this Okie Celtic pirate duo.

The Performer's Catalog
Where to find merchandise showcased from hard-working independent artists. From music to magic, you can buy it here.

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